Query Related TDS which hasnt been paid by employer

I am a salaried professional due to cash flow issues company hasnt been paying us our full salaries since Aug 2023 and as per our 26 AS i found that company hasnt paid the TDS since sep 23 till date to the IncomeTax , in that case will we employees be laible to pay the tax and penalty when we are filing our ITR we are receiving just 40% of our saray since Aug 23.

Hi @Sachin

The liability to pay tax is of the taxpayer. However, I understand employer has already deducted TDS and paid you net amount and not deposited the same to the government. In such case, you should raise a concern to your employer and also raise a grievance on the IT Portal.

But, you will be required to pay the tax at the time of filing ITR if the same is not reflecting in your Form 26AS or AIS.

Thank you.

Hi Akash,
In my case company is not paying us our full salaries we are being paid 40% only so are we laible to pay tax as per the 40% we are paid or our actual 100% salary