Received Intimation u/s 143(1)

Hi Quicko,

I received Tax demand for first time for FY23-24, with total demand of 94k +. Not sure what caused TAX department to calculate like this.

The easy difference I could see from Notice is Taxation option(Y & N).

Need expert help to rectify this problem as quoted amount from TAX was very huge while considering my financial situation.

Attached screenshot for reference, earlier assist on this issue much appreciated.

Hello @QukTax

We have been dealing in this kind of notice for demand very frequently. This issue may arise because of non filing of Form 10IE or incorrect date entered of filed Form 10IE which is mandatory to be filed before filing of ITR 3 to opt for the new tax regime.

In case you need a personalized tax advisory on resolving the above issue, you can book a MEET using the below link, where one of our team tax expert shall analyze the issue and suggest you the solution further.

Book a MEET

Thank you.

Thanks for the response.

I didn’t faced such issue 21-23 FY, only upon using Quicko.

Earlier was using ClearTax.

May be this happened from Quicko?

Yes, I need help and already requested for Meet(call back) but no support calls recieved so far.

Hello @QukTax

Could you please share us your contact details on so our support team can connect and help you further?

Also, there is no error on part of Quicko. The issue might be because of non filing of form 10IE but we assure you the best possible help from our end since you filed taxes through us.

Thank you.

Mail sent with my Mobile no.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved at the earliest.

Quicko Team working Today? Weekends?