Refund of GST ITC

I would like to seek your opinion on the below mentioned query.

There is a organization manufacturing the good(s) which are not subject to GST, however the inputs require for making the goods is liable to different rates of GST. Due to this on GST portal a lot of ITC has accumulated over time as tax payable on final product is NIL whereas the same is being levied on the inputs used in making the final product.

Please suggest if there is any provision in the GST to claim refund of such GST or how to reduce the input GST from GSTIN portal.

Hey @garg.pulkit131,

To claim a refund you can use the GST RFD-01 form on the GST Portal. In the form, you will have to mention the turnover for goods or services with zero taxes and the total adjusted turnover for the specific period you’re applying for.

Hope this helps!