Research & Academic Allowance - Income Tax Deduction

Hi Everyone,

I am a Marketing professional and currently working at a startup. In my monthly payslip an allowance is mentioned as Research & Academic Allowance for Rs. 6,000 every month. I am also pursuing PGDM-Marketing course from a Distance learning institute.

Can i claim the fees paid towards PGDM course against the allowance provided by my company as deduction under Income tax to save tax.?

If so, what needs to be done by me?

Hi @Naman_Jain

Yes, you will be able to claim the same.
Under section 10 (14) Research Allowance granted for encouraging academic research and other professional pursuits is exempt to the extent of expenditure incurred for official purposes for a salaried individual.

You can claim this deduction while reporting your salary income in your return.
Here’s how you can Claim Various Allowances : Help Center on Quicko.

Hi @Shrutika_Shah.

Thank you!! for your help and quick revert.