Rules for offsetting Depreciation Loss

I have a depreciation loss of 23130 carried forward from last year. and this year I have Short term capital gains from US stock market of ~50000. Will it be possible to claim the 23130 against this 50000?

If yes, what’s the rest of the gains taxed at?

Hi @Siddhartha_Das

Capital gains can be set off only against capital gains in case of brought forward losses.
Meaning, STCL can be set off against both STCG & LTCG and LTCL only against LTCG.

Okay, understood. Also in that case what do we set off depreciation loss against? How do we benefit from that?

Hi @Siddhartha_Das

The business loss can be set off against business income only in the case of brought-forward losses.

Understood. What do I set off depreciation loss against?

Hi @Siddhartha_Das

Please read about the rules to Set Off and Carry Forward of Losses under Income Tax - Learn by Quicko.
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