Should I Pay Advance Tax or Self Asses Tax?

Let’s assume I am a salaried person and and my employer pay the Taxes as TDS . Now I also have profitable income from F&O. Let’s also assume I fall under 30% tax bucket.
So, should I pay Advance Tax or Self Asses Tax for F&O income at each quarter end or can I pay the entire tax at the the time of ITR filing at the end of Financial year.
If I need to pay pay tax at each quarter end which type of tax should I pay.

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Hey @Debabrata_Mandal

If your net tax liability i.e. tax liability after TDS credits, for a financial year exceeds INR 10,000, you must pay Advance Tax in 4 quarterly installments. There is an interest penalty in case the Advance tax is not paid before the end of the financial year.

If the tax liability for a financial year exceeds taxes paid including TDS and Advance Tax, you must pay Self Assessment Tax before filing of the Income Tax Return.

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In your case, since you are earning income in the financial year, you must pay Advance Tax. Follow these steps:

  • Calculate Tax Liability for the quarter on all your incomes including salary and F&O profits
  • Deduct TDS Credit
  • Pay advance tax on or before the due date as per the installments
  • If you fail to pay advance tax, you must pay remaining tax dues as self assessment tax along with applicable interest and penalty

Calculate Advance Tax Liability

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Thanks for all the details, it really help. By the way do you(Quicko) have any paid plan such as I share all of the income and they calculate everything for me also guide me when I have to pay and what should I pay. @Sakshi_Shah1 @Nireka

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Hey @Debabrata_Mandal

Glad we could help.
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