Stay on proceedings due to health issues possible?

I am suffering from end stage cancer (stage 4).
Over the last two months I have been getting notices from ITO 143(2) and 142(1). They don’t give any time to respond. I am now almost bedridden and spend most of my time at a hospital. Is there any way I can get a court to put a stay on proceeding so I can focus on my health. I am not in a physical state to be able to gather various documents or visit ITO.

Hey @Silvio,

In such a case, generally, the Income Tax Department favours the taxpayers. You can respond back to them once you have recovered or get help from any local CA who can represent to the AO on your behalf.

Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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Can I get help from some quicko staff for the same in sending the response for stay due to compassionate grounds. I’ll gladly pay any fee involved.


Hello @Silvio,

Quicko is an online tax planning and filing platform. We won’t be able to assist you for getting a stay on proceedings. However, we will be glad in helping you file the ITR.

Wishing you good health!