Submit Form 26QB in case of Joint Propert ( Husband & WIfe)

Hello Experts,
We have purchased a property of 1 crore RS and got it registered in joint name. ( Husband & Wife)
Entire payment has been done from Husband Side but in registry wife’s name is added.
Now while submitting Form26QB, can i submit single form and deposit 1 % TDS ? or do we need to submit separate Form 26QB for each buyer Husband and WIfe and depsosit 50-50% TDS from both accounts ?


You can submit one 26QB in the name of husband since entire payment was made by 1 person. You can deduct TDS at 1% on sales value and deposit the same.

Hope, this helps.

Thanks @AkashJhaveri for your reply.
I will submit one form 26QB only and another question to this while submitting this form it asks for whether one or more buyer, i need to submit that Option as Yes.
Correct me if i am wrong?
2) What should we put in Total stamp duty value of property? Will it be DLC rate ?
If i put dlc rate then it gives warning that amount paid and stamp duty value is more than 20%.