Tax credit not allowed

I had filed a rectification of my ITR for AY 2021-2022. It has been processed now with an ask for the due amount. This due amount came up because all the taxes I had paid have not been considered. The tax credit has been rejected with a remark that it doesn’t show up in Form26AS. Also, the self-assessment tax has been rejected with the remark that the challan is not present for the assessment year.

I’ve verified the Form16A, Form26AS and the challan copies. All the taxes are correctly listed in the ITR. How should I proceed to reply for this notice.
I’ve filed a grievance with ITR-CPC and submitted all the relevant documents. Is there anything else I should do?

@Bharti_Vasvani , can you help here

Hey @shub,

You can reject to the demand notice raised by IT Department and under reason of rejection you can select that demand is incorrect and is already paid. You can attach Form 26AS and income tax challan paid as document proof.

Hope this helps!