Tax on Fixed Deposit redeemed before 5 years

Hi Sir/mam,
I am salaried person,
In 2018, to save tax, i started the normal FD from bank website of ₹ 45000 for 2 Years. And I also took the rebate under section 80 C that year. I know, I did mistake. But now, this FD is redeemed in FY 20-21. I want to know where can i show this redeemed amount during filing the ITR. I also received the Interest on FD from last two years.

Hey @ankitpunia ,

So, the redeemed amount of normal FD is not to be shown anywhere in the Return of FY 20-21. The Interest income earned during FY 20-21 is to be shown under the head income from other sources as Interest Income.