Tax Payment method via e-Filing portal

In recent years, the income tax department has taken various measures and initiatives to make the income tax payment process smooth and easy for individuals. Subsequently, growth has been seen in the Income-tax collection from 69,198 crores to 8.71 lakh crores over a decade.

As seen previously, online tax payments were made through the NSDL portal using debit cards or net banking facilities of authorized banks only. And taxpayers had difficulties paying their taxes, and did not have accounts in authorized banks; however, the process has recently been migrated to the e-Filing Portal with increased payment options. Now one can pay taxes via UPI and credit cards also through the payment gateway method. Moreover, surprisingly you can also deposit tax without logging into the e-Filing portal.

Also! wouldn’t it be more convenient for people to have multiple platforms/ways to pay taxes? Just like paying bills online for electricity, mobile recharges, and other payments on Google pay, Amazon, Paytm wallet, etc.

Now, let’s understand the new tax payment pattern in the e-Filing Portal.

Here, there are two methods to pay taxes through the e-Filing Portal

  • Pre-Login option: With this method, you can simply pay tax without logging into the e-Filing portal
  • Post Login option: From this option, you can pay tax by logging into the e-Filing portal, where, you have three ways which include
    • New Challan Form (CRN): By this, you can start with a new payment option, where the tax payment process has not been started and any drafts have not been made before.
    • Previously Saved Drafts: Here, you will be able to pay tax for the saved drafts for which challan has not been generated, and you can resume from the step you have left.
    • Previously Generated Challan Forms (CRNs): Using this option, you can pay tax for an already generated Challan Form saved under the Generated Challans tab, by clicking on Pay you can resume the payment from the saved challans. You are required to make the tax payment within 15 days from the generation of the challan.

The new e-Filing portal would allow income tax payments to be made in five ways includes: Net Banking, Debit Card, Pay at Bank Counter, RTGS/NEFT, and Payment Gateway. For now, there are three authorized banks for the e-pay tax option: Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bank of India, and Federal Bank, from which at present only the Kotak Mahindra Bank Payment Gateway allows you to pay taxes using apps like Google Pay, Amazon Pay, BMIP, PhonePe, Paytm, and others.

Are there any transaction charges levied on income tax payments?

As per the e-Filing Income Tax Portal, you are liable to pay convenience charges and goods and services tax (GST), subjective to certain payment methods.

There will be no additional charges if you pay your taxes with a debit card or at a bank counter or net banking options of an authorized bank. If you choose to pay taxes using payment gateways or credit cards, then, you will be charged based on the bank you select.

Here is a detailed article on: Pay Tax Online through Income tax Portal

Hi People, I have a doubt regarding how to start paying taxes. Actually this is my first time of paying taxes so i don’t have any idea on how to start. My income is from F&O trading only. Any help would be helpful for me to start.

Hi @Manoj_Kumar12

To file and pay the taxes for AY 2023-24, it is not yet enabled on the e-Filing Portal.

Meanwhile, on Quicko, you can begin Prepare your Income Tax Return
and E-File your ITR.

Quicko is an online DIY tax planning and filing platform.

Here’s how you can pay tax online.

You can also book a MEET for expert assistance with your taxes.

Hope this helps.

Transaction of Rs. 10 against CRN 230826002****** dated 26/08/2023 is awaiting bank confirmation. You cannot initiate another transaction against this CRN for the time being.

Dear Sir, I received an email with the above content. Can you please let me know if there is any action on my end? It says ‘awaiting bank confirmation’. Should I inform the bank or is any other action required from my end?

Hey @Hemanth_S,

The E-mail generated is regarding a tax payment that was initiated but was not completed. However, in case you have already paid the tax and the challan has been generated, there is no action required to be taken from your end.

I received this mail today, what does this mean, any action needed from my side ?

and one more email i received previous

Hi @dontknow

It seems to be like a reminder email from the ITD for the challan generated by you but the payment is not done.

You will be able to see your challan details on your e-filing portal.

In case you’re not aware of this, as mentioned in the email please reach out to the ITD on the mentioned number.