Tax refund timeline

Hi ,

I have filed my tax. I have paid extra 8000Rs in tax through my company. Now after filing tax , I need to get the reimbursement. I am waiting for it for a long time Is there any specific timeline post verification?

Please elaborate.

Hi @Justin

If you’ve filed your taxes, and you see an amount of refund, it will be credited to the prevalidated bank account mentioned by you in your ITR.

The ITR is processed only after you have verified your ITR. Once the ITR is processed, the ITD shall issue an intimation u/s 143(1) clarifying whether the ITR calculations filed by you matches/does not match with the ITR calculations of the ITD.

You can also Submit Track and View Income Tax Grievance on the e-Filing Portal - Learn by Quicko and get in touch with the ITD to know the details about your ITR.

Hope this helps.