Tax season 2024: Key deadlines you must know!

As a taxpayer, it’s important to keep track of various deadlines that impact your taxes throughout the year. Missing just one deadline can lead to increased tax liability and possible penalties.

Here’s the tax calendar of 2024 for you so that you don’t miss out on any of the compliances.


  • Proof submission: You are required to submit relevant investment proofs to your employer for the tax-saving investments you have made throughout the year. If you fail to do so, the employer might deduct excess TDS on your salary.
  • Catch-up contributions: This is the time to invest in tax-saving instruments (like PPF, NPS, ELSS, SSY, etc.) if you want to avail deductions to reduce your tax liability.


  • 15th March: This is the due date to pay 4th installment of advance tax for FY 2023-24.
  • 31st March: The last date to invest in tax-saving instruments or do tax gain/loss harvesting.


  • Tax planning for next FY: You can plan your finances for FY 2024-25 — select the suitable regime and make investment declarations to your employer.


  • Collect documents for filing ITR: You should get your Form 16 from employer, AIS & Form 26AS from IT portal, P&L from broker (if any), etc. that will be required while filing the ITR.
  • 15th June: Due date to pay 1st installment of advance tax for FY 2024-25.


  • 31st July: ITR filing deadline for FY 2023-24.


  • 15th September: Due date to pay 2nd installment of advance tax for FY 2024-25.
  • 30th September: If you fall under the tax-audit criteria, this is the last date to submit tax audit report for FY 2023-24.


  • 30th October: ITR filing deadline for taxpayers with audit requirements for FY 2023-24.


  • 15th December: Due date to pay 3rd installment of advance tax for FY 2024-25.
  • 31st December: Last date to file belated/ revised ITR for FY 2023-24 and claim a refund if you had paid any extra taxes.
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Thank you for sharing the comprehensive tax calendar for 2024. It’s incredibly helpful to have all the important deadlines laid out in one place. I’ll make sure to mark my calendar and stay on top of my tax compliances throughout the year. Your detailed breakdown of each deadline and its significance is much appreciated. Here’s to a hassle-free tax season ahead!

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