Taxation on gold

Hi, I am a trader but am completely new to taxation.this january 2022 I sold my wifes gold worth 5.89 lacs to increase my trading capital and i made an income of 2.8 lacs from trading (i do only short term trading (cash, no futures/options etc) and no intraday). I have no income other than trading.

filed my taxes with Quicko from zerodha.but didn’t mention the sale of gold there since they wanted purchase date and some other confusing stuff i dont remember.

got a mail from IT dept saying " Your Return for A.Y. 2022-23 has been processed. There is no payment due". does this mean that i am safe? can someone please explain.

also in the screenshot there are mismatches from my side. Just wanted to know whether i did it all wrong and what i can do to fix it.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Adarsh_A

It would be difficult to come to a conclusion without knowing all the numbers and facts in the return filed.
Hence, it is advisable you consult a tax expert by booking a MEET.