Taxation on Salary & Freelancing

Greetings Professionals,
I have a doubt regarding filing my ITR. I’m a final year engineering student about to enter into job next year. However I am already working as a freelance website designer and maintainer for a company.(I don’t have a form 16 currently)
I am a little confused on how to file ITR and which ITR to file for my profile. My portfolio goes like this,

  • My Approx Salary from full time job: 4lak ctc (3,36,000/p.a in hand)

  • My current freelance earning(which will continue even after i get a full time job): 1,20,000/p.a

  • My investment towards PPF will be: 1,50,000/p.a

  • My SIP towards stocks: 5000/month (60,000/p.a)(will invest for 5+yrs)

  • My SIP towards crypto: 7200/month (86,400/p.a)(will invest for 5+ yrs)

My doubt is, should i declare that i am investing into crypto and stocks even if i don’t liquidate them for at least 5+years? If so, how?

Should i file ITR1 or ITR4?
Any help would be highly appreciated

Thank You :smiley:
Shashank Bharadwaj

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