TDS from foreign client

Is TDS applicable when I receive any payment in dollars in my PayPal account from a client who lives in the US?

Hey @afaaq,

TDS provisions are not applicable to the deductor who is not registered in India. Thus, in your case, since the client is in the US, no TDS would be applicable. However, You need to calculate the tax on your income and pay taxes on it (if applicable).

Hope this helps!


Thanks, @Surbhi_Pal. Can you please answer this: Suppose as a freelancer my turnover crosses 20 laks this year and I apply for GST. Can I also continue using my savings account in GST, or is it mandatory to open a current account? I have heard that in a current account, you have to do transactions only related to your business. Still, since I am an individual freelancer, I also do personal transactions from my bank account. Now I am very confused about what to do.