TDS Income Tax Return

What is the last date of filing TDS Return for every quarter?

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You need to keep in mind following dates for TDS Return filing:

Penalty Under Section 234E is levied in case you miss out on filling TDS return on time. The penalty of INR 200 per day is levied on the taxpayer till the day on which return is filed. Provided that the amount of Penalty should not exceed the number of TDS payable.

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I have filed original tds return 24Q for Q4 but challan date in original return was incorrect. Now there is demand raised for short payment against which I filed online correction whereby I added correct challan and consumed it. But still the demand is not nullified. I am also not able to delete unmatched challan with wrong challan date. What can I do in such case?

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If you have already filed an online correction return by adding the correct challan details, you should wait for the department to process the same. If your correction gets processed successfully then your demand will get nullified otherwise you can go ahead and file the offline correction.

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When should TDS be deducted, at the date invoice was issued, at the time of payment, or at the due date of making payment for the invoice?

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TDS is to be deducted when a payment is due or when an actual payment is made whichever is earlier.

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Super senior citizen who is receiving Income from builder for redevelopment of his house property on which TDS is deducted Can he submit 15 H form to claim exemption from TDS being deducted The property is cooperative housing society

Hi @np16

If your rental income for a year exceeds INR 2,40,000 (INR 1,80,000 till FY 2018-19), TDS is deducted by the tenant. However, if your total income including rent is not taxable then you can submit Form 15G / 15H to the tenant to save yourself from TDS deduction.