TDS processed with defaults when filed 50%-50% with co-owner


My and my wife recently (In 2024) purchased a flat in India. We paid TDS for the installment of the property on e-filing tax portal. The portal suggested that if there is a co-owner, file another 26QB. I did so. Made the payment. So, because the property is co-owned, I paid 50% owed TDS with my PAN number and remaining 50% from my wife’s PAN number.

We both got notices of default under section u/s 200A. The reason is “Short deduction computation”, indicating each of us paid 50% less than we owed. This is confusing as the portal itself suggested to file 2 26QB forms if there is a co-owner. Anyhow, what are my options now ? By the way, I checked the grievances section of tax website, it does not have assessment year as 2024-25.

Hey @Amit_Chaudhari,

As per the details mentioned by you, it seems like you might have entered the entire value of the property under the ‘stamp duty value’ while filing the form 26QB, whereas you are required to enter the amount on a proportionate basis.

However, this is just an assumption. You can file a correction request based on the reason for the demand.

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