TDS Return Filing Form 26Q


Is there any interest or penalty for non or late filing of Form 24Q & Form 26Q?

Hey @HarshitShah

Yes, in case you have not deposited TDS by the due date, the following penalties might be applicable:

  • Interest (if you do not deposit the TDS amount in time)

  • Late filing fee (if you do not file by the deadline)

  • Penalty (if TDS is not filed within one year of the due date)

Hope this helps!


Could you also tell me what are form 24, 27 and 27E for?

Hey @HarishMehta

Form 24, 27 and 27E are forms to file TDS/TCS returns:

  • Form 24 is to file TDS return detailing Salary Payments

  • Form 27 is to file TDS return detailing Foreign or NRI payment other than salary

  • Form 27E is to file TCS returns

Hope this helps!

Pls help how and where can we submit form 27c. Can we submit it online ?

Hi @KrishnaAgarwal