Trade in us stock equities - remitting money back to india saving account


US trading account to india saving account
money can be sent using WIRE TRANSFER
with some minimal charges.

RBI/SEBI rules around it i wanted to understand from you :

a) max limit in USD we can send back money in
india saving account in FY(01april-31march)

b) let us say i initiated wire transfer on 28March2024…

money will reach same day by night to india account
then u need to give ANNEZURE E then only bank do actual credit…
that process bank do on next working day only
which will be 01april2024. now in context of point
a) this money will counted on which
Financial year as transaction splitted in 2 FYs ??

c) any other taxing(income/tds) implications of sending bulk money in this mode ?
declaring capital gains of trading in us stocks will be one…any other related to money transfer ?

thanks in advance

Hey @nyadav.ait,

For details regarding the maximum transfer limit, you can refer to the FEMA Act or the respective bank.

Moreover, with regards to in which year it will be counted, in our opinion it should be the date of credit i.e 01.04.2024 in your case.

Nope, there will not be any additional tax on money transfers.

Hope this clarifies.

@Surbhi_Pal thanks for giving time
query a) i meant how much overall transfer across transactions indian govt allow in a financial year ? i heard more than 25k usd not allowed by RBI in a financial year ? just wanted to understand more