Unable to add 197 Certificate number while doing correction for form 27Q

Seller (NRI) had provided me a lower TDS certificate (197), I had mentioned the same while filing 27Q. Now i am trying to do the correction of filed return to modify deductee details in order to update the ‘Date of Deduction’, getting a message “Certificate is fully consumed. Please check consumption status of certificate before furnishing certificate details in TDS statements to avoid any defaults” when Lower TDS certificate(197) number is entered.
In case if i dont provide the 197 number then i may get default as ITD will consider higher deduction rate.

Please guide me on how to proceed further and update date of deduction.

Hey @Prem_shivaprasad,

This seems like a case-specific query and more details would be required to help on the same.

You may connect with one of our tax experts who can help you with this by booking a MEET.