Understanding RSUs and Perquisites & carry forwarding of the losses


Let’s say a company has granted some no. of RSUs in a particular yeat but there are some losses. Scenario is as below :

  1. The RSU gets vested and few shares are sold for taxation. The taxation amount is refunded back in salary
  2. In Form-16 there is perquisite value which seems to be the total amount of RSU vested.

Now my question in this regard is :

  1. In the transaction of vesting and selling of shares for taxation there is some amount of Adjusted Loss which has incurred according to the statements. Can I carry forward this loss to set off my future gains ?
  2. If I sell the RSU at any point of time can I carry forward the adjusted loss in this case also ?

The question is arising since I am already paying taxes on perquisite values so my understanding is that I am eligible to carry forward the losses in this case. Please help to clarify.

Hi @enigma

  1. Yes you will be able to carry forward these losses and adjust against future incomes.
  2. Even if you sell these RSU you will be able to adjust the loss.