Validation/ E-filing errors while filing ITR

If there are any errors faced while e-filing your ITR, please mention them here


I’m getting the following error while filing ITR-3. I have raised the ticket 10 days back. However no response.

Oops! ITR Validation Error

There seems to be an issue with the details in your ITR. While we take a look at it, you can raise a ticket and contact our team.

Hi @Niral_Koradia the issue has been fixed. Can you please try again and let us know if you continue to face this issue?

I am getting an error while filling ITR-3
(assets and liabilities cannot be 0)
how do i fix this? i dont run any business

Hi @Tejasvi_Singh, kindly enter bank balance and balance with broker as of 31st March 2021 where the error pops up. If you continue to face a problem, please respond back on this query.

I am getting error while e-filing.
When I try to give my password and authorize, it shows ‘Unable to login’.
I have been trying this for a few days now. what should I do?

Actually I had OTP-enabled login for income tax e-portal.
As soon as I disabled that option, the issue is resolved.

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Hi @JYOTI_PRASAD_DAS, please let me know if you face any other issue. :blush:

Hi @Yash_Kaviya, While filling details under Tax Breaks → 80GG section, I wanted to change the value in rent expenses. But the value that I entered earlier is not changing to new one even after I press the save button. Please guide me to resolve this issue.

hi… pls let me know how you disabled that option… bcoz I m facing same issue…

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