Websocket Emsigner issue

Error in establishing connection with TRACES Websocket Esigner. Please ensure that WebSigner Setup is installed and service is running on your machine and there are no proxies enabled on the browser while doing DSC activities. what is this error?

Hey @Dia_malhotra

Here are the steps to resolve the error:

  1. Uninstall the Java Utility and EmSigner
  2. Install JAVA 8 Update 162 32-bit version only
  3. Download TRACES Web Signer Setup V 2.0 setup file from TRACES
  4. Install DSC drivers on your computer
  5. Update your Chrome (if it is of Older version)
  6. Clear cache & cookies from your browser
  7. Restart your computer
  8. Run EmSigner as administrator

You can also refer to the download and install WebSocket EmSigner for more information related to the same query.