What is the benefit of filing ITR with quicko expert?

What is the benefit of filing ITR with quicko expert ? Does they helps in CFL , tax savings ?

@Shrutika_Shah could you please help

WILL quicko file return for me if provided all document ?

Hi @hitesh_modi @Raam_M

Quicko’s basic product is free to file.
However, there are certain features that require a person to upgrade. Read more about it here.

With Quicko MEET, a tax expert from our team will help you add spot possible deductions, CFL, add schedule FA if you have foreign assets, review the entire ITR, and file taxes for you on the basis of information and documents shared by you.

Here’s how you can Book a MEET.

Hope this helps.

what are the annual fees?

Hi Hitesh,

The annual subscription is for the Pro plan for DIY users.

When you book a MEET for your Income Tax Return, it is a one-time MEET with the tax expert and the charge depends upon the plan chosen.

Thanks @Shrutika_Shah for the update.
One more question, 30 min scheduled time is enough to File ITR using expert help ?
what happens if filing ITR takes more than 30 min ? does expert helps beyond 30 min scheduled time ?

Hi @Raam_M

In most cases, the MEET is completed in 30mins. In case it takes longer, the tax expert will provide you with a follow-up and complete your ITR filing. Worry not!

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