What ITR TO FILE With INTRADAY/STCG along with salary


I earn 6lpa. I also do earn short term capital gain, I wanted to ask what ITR do I have to file in that case as I’ll be getting a form 16 from my employer aswell. Please advise.

Also for this financial year I’m planning to start intraday trading, Can you please help with what ITR do I have to fill as I’ll be receiving my salary and stcg with this.

Hi @prakash_negi,

You can file ITR 2 with your Short term capital gains income and Salary.

Since Intraday trading is considered as a speculative business income from the income tax perspective, you will need to file ITR 3 to report your Intraday Trades, Capital Gains & Salary Income.

are 2 nos itr to bi filled in this case i.e itr-2&3 or only one out of them will do.

Also please tell what if one has only intraday loss then is there any need to file itr3 or only itr 2 will do.ALso can intraday losses be carry forward through itr 2 or not.


You only need to file one ITR which is ITR 3. Since Intraday trading is treated as speculative business income from trading, ITR 3 is applicable.
You can carry forward intraday losses to the next 4 years.

I would like to know which ITR should I file regarding Income from Salary, Capital Gains & Speculative Business Income (Intraday Trading)?

Hey @Sagar_Luniya,

Since Intraday is treated as speculative business income as per income tax, you should file ITR 3 and report all your incomes including Salary, Capital Gains & Trading.

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