When will filing for AY 24-25 begin on Quicko?

hi @Surbhi_Pal : my elite subscription is due to expire soon and I have already raised this by dropping mailto:help@quicko.com on 28/Jun/2024 and its been 4 days and I haven’t got any response yet.

Ticket# 78766

I am not sure what your team is doing.

Hi Shahid,

I’ve escalated the issue. The team shall be responding to you soon.


i am not able file the ITR-2 its showing “Filing for ITR-2 will be enabled shortly”.

when it can be fixed.


Hi @Ravi_Reddy,

E-filing will be enabled by this week.

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Hi @Surbhi_Pal : under Additional Details → Brought Forward Losses

Importing from ITD doesn’t seem to be working, is that a known issue, if yes by when can that be enabled?

In “Other Incomes” section importing data from ITD for dividends and interest income are working, but particularly not working for Brought Forward Losses.

@Surbhi_Pal how to connect to clients quicko account?

Hey @Shubham_Sharma,

The auto-fill feature is yet to be enabled for brought forward losses. Give us time till end of this week and we shall be live with it.

Getting this message “Filing for ITR-3 will be enabled shortly.” after filling everything. It’s July 5th already!
Can you let know if you have technical capability to handle any tax filing this year ?

If not at least let everyone know in time and we will be happy to move to other sites like Cleartax

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My ticket was closed without resolution, as I have asked how your team would compensate in case when my ELITE plan would expire due to delay from Quicko.

Ticket# 78766

May someone can elaborate the meaning of shortly, by this week, by weekend. There are only 7 days in week including weekend.

My and my family annual plan is expiring on 7th and 9th. Will quicko people extend my and my husband’s plan by a month because of delay on their side. Thanks and regards

Hey @Sonia_Dua,

We have enabled filing for ITR-1,2 and 4. ITR-3 is being tested internally and will be live in a day or two max. For subscription related issues, please reach out at help@quicko.com and the team shall assist you.

its time to switch in cleartax because they are vanished our subscription due to late platform availability. When I raise concern about this then they are asking for bill – are bhai ek saal phle kon bill rakhta hai.


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i agree, this is the last time where we are following up with Quicko. Going forward, I am open to all Tax Filling options other than Quikco.

I am fed up with this shit.

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Why is it I am not able to fill Capital gains for securities? Clicking the button does not open anything. Is it still being tested?

Hey @A_Prakash,

This is not the expected behaviour. Please drop us an email at help@quicko.com so we can check and get this right for you.

excel template upload for capital gain is still not available?
such a mess this year… looks like quicko is killing their own business!!

I’m a NRI (Non Resident) - Indian Citizen - Can I also file the ITR using Quicko, without upgrading?

Filing for the 2024-25 tax year on Quicko typically begins in April, the beginning of the fiscal year. We recommend checking the Quicko website or app for specific dates and updates on when filing for the new tax year will be accepted.


“ITR-3 is being tested internally and will be live in a day or two max”

Are your 2 days completed? Because on earth, it’s been 5+ days already

@Surbhi_Pal @TeamQuicko Dear Team, this is not acceptable and this is not true professionalism at all. We all are waiting for filing ITR 3 since May and waiting daily for your updates. I am using Quicko for last 3 years and this time seeing this unresponsible attitude hurting us deeply. We only started to use this platform due to recommendation from zerodha team. Please get the ITR 3 working by Monday morning or else we all are leaving this platform for once and all.

Your patient customer
Tejas Patil

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