Where and How to show 194J income in ITR3?


I am filing ITR3 for last 3 years for my income from trading, investment and other income.
But for this year, I also received income around 1.2 Lakh from which TDS of Rs. 12000 was deducted under 194J i.e. Receipt of fees for professional or technical services (Section 194J). The company for which I worked for showed the amount paid to me as Fees for Professional Services (Curator and Consulting Astrophysicist for a Planetarium - worked for ~5 months).

Where and how should I show this in my ITR3? Particularly in which Schedule? and How to show in in the ITR3?, elaborate if there steps in between.

I don’t want to claim any deductions on this income as this is going to be for this year only.

@TeamQuicko Any help?

Hello @CrownedEagle,

The fees for Professional Services received from the consultancy are required to be added under the head “Business and Profession” in your Income Tax Return. This is a professional income and ITR 3 will be filed.

However, you have the option to opt for a Presumptive Taxation Scheme under section 44ADA. As per this scheme, you can declare 50% of your earnings as profit or actual profit, whichever is higher and pay taxes on the same.

You can also claim the TDS paid as tax credits.

Moreover, you can add such income under Schedule P/L in the ITR.

Hope this helps!

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