Why does Quicko asks aadhaar details while filing ITR?

Hi @TeamQuicko I am trying to file my ITR and PAN is already linked to aadhaar, after filling all details. Quicko is showing error, the reason for error is Aadhaar not entered.
As far as I know after Supreme Court of India banned Private Players from collecting Aadhaar Details of citizens and Quicko is private players.

How is it asking the details? Without which I am not unable to procedd ahead. Is quicko claiming any exemption to SC Order?

Is there any way where user doesn’t need to submit his/her Aadhaar details to Quicko (but user is okay with submitting them with Income Tax Dept) and can file ITR (where Quicko provide some file to user or any other way and User enter his/her Aadhaar details on Income Tax India website and submit and e-verify the return?

Does Quicko provides a way where you provide JSON file which I can upload to ITR Website and file return? or Allow me to continue without entering aadhaar on Quicko Website (Since it is a private entity, don’t get me wrong) as I have already shared those details with IT Dept.

It is just that I want to minimize the Personal Exposure of my data and don’t to share or add Aadhaar number to any private database.

Hi @Aakash_L @Hem_Shah
Help needed and will be appreciated.
I am at last step while filing ITR.

Hi @CrownedEagle, being an Indian Resident, it is mandatory to input Aadhar details while filing Income Tax. The Income Tax Department is exempt to the SC order of using Aadhar Details. Quicko follows Internet Best Practices, you can read more about how Quicko, uses and protects data here.

Would recommend you to choose what you feel is the best option. :blush:

Thanks for the help…