Why Filing your ITR for AY 2024-25 is not available to me

Why Filing your ITR for AY 2024-25 is not available to me


Quicko is yet to go live with ITR filing for AY 24-25.

The team is working towards incorporating the changes with regard to this year’s filing and some exciting new features to make tax filing a breeze.

Stay tuned, you’ll also be notified via e-mail once the tax filing is enabled.

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I really don’t know what your quicko team doing or whether sleeping for last one financial year to do those changes and enhancements.

I really don’t know you follows don’t have plan when to do maintain work and when to release the change for tax filing schedule, how you are going to do my tax planning

I will never ever subscription or recommend quicko to anyone in anyby.

Dear Team,

By when would we be able to file ITR for A.Y 24-25? Could you please share a tentative date by which we can begin?:pray:

Hey @r_selvam @K_Singh,

The ITR-3 utility has been released recently by the ITD which requires us to make a few changes to the product. Our team is working towards implementing them and we should be live with tax filing for AY 2024-25 by next week.

Thanks for your patience.

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Any idea about when this is planned to roll out?

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any update yet? I’m waiting to file ITR if it takes more time then i woulg to with cleartax… they already rolled out for 2024-25

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I’m also switching to Cleartax if the update is not ready by this week.

This is so frustrating. How is ClearTax already live for ITR for AY 2024-25?

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can u give tentative date for launching?

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Hi, When is the ITR filing for AY2024-25 going live ?

Are there any updates? It’s already mid-June.

Hi all,

We understand that there has been a delay from our end. The team is working towards making the new version of our product live for all of our users and we are eager to bring it to you.

We are in the final stage and will be going live by this weekend.

Thank you again for your patience.

I have to go abroad for long period by june end at the most i acn wait for 1 more week to stay with quicko or will have to shift to another service provider. Hence better if you ppl come live soon in coming week. Or …Adieu

Still that next week yet to come? worst tax filing portal. Because of zerodha i used it last year. How come zerodha kind of company recommends this kind of worst portal

Hi all,

Here’s an update:

We have released the product this past weekend. There are some open issues and fixes and the team is working towards resolving them.

There are some features and releases lined up. Here’s a timeline for your ref.

  • E-filing for ITR-1 and ITR-4 will be live on June 20th
  • Autofill from ITD will be live by end of this week
  • E-filing will be enabled for ITR-2 by June 24th & ITR-3 by June 28th

We are also on track to add few more brokers, will announce them soon. Moreover, the Excel template import feature will follow as well.

Login not working - While clicking on Quicko link through Zerodha it is asking for login credentials. The OTP sent on registered email is also not working.
When I tired creating an account it says - account already registred.

I have already paid the taxes using Quicko. But because ITR-2 is not available I am unable to e-file my ITR.