Will a tax audit be applicable if my turnover is more than ₹8 crore?

Hi, Can anyone please answer the following?
Total Sales of speculative shares 8.1 Crores
Total Purchases of speculative shares 8.2 Crores
So Speculative LOSS 0.1 Crores i.e. 1 lakh
Short term capital GAINS - Buying 92 lakhs
Short term capital GAINS - Selling 90 lakhs i.e. LOSS 2 lakhs
FD Interest Income 2 lakhs.
My question is am I required to get TAX AUDIT? And form of ITR to be used?
I have no other income. I am a home maker. Appreciate a quick responc. Thanks.

Tax Audit is not required subject to the condition that you had not opted Presumptive Taxation Scheme in any of the preceding 5 years.

Thanks for the answer.

As the turnover is below ₹10 crore, a tax audit will not be mandatory.

Thanks for the reply mam!