Zerodha posted Commission or brokerage received (Section 194H) in Form 26AS. Where to enter in Quicko

Zerodha posted Commission or brokerage received (Section 194H) in Form 26AS for INR 273+
under the section Business Receipts and also deducted and deposited TDS of INR 14. Where to enter in Quicko website this income as I am not able to proceed ahead now without entering it.

Hi @nehasrivastav009

If this is a one-time income, you can report it under IFOS > Any other > Any other sources.
Here’s how you can Add Income from Other Sources : Help Center and Add Tax Credits : Help Center on Quicko.

TDS-194H Commission or brokerage received (Section 194H) ZERODHA BROKING LIMITED (BLRZ11856F).

Brokerage is paid by Demay account holder to Zerodha right? Why is it shown as a Credit to the account holder.?

This is not seen in Zerodha statement as credit. Why TDS is cut for something that is paid by account holder to Zerodha. ? This is not an income to the user.

Hi @Shanid_P

This seems to be a commission paid to you by Zerodha for a referral or reward. Read about Section 194H: TDS on Commission or Brokerage - Learn by Quicko

It is an income to you and hence TDS is deducted.

You can contact the Zerodha team if it is not seen in your Zerodha statement.

Hi Team,
I have the same issue. I have got 1176rs brokerage (referral bonus). I’m trying to add in “income from other source” but when I’m about to EFile it’s asking me to add the business type, not allowing me to go further without fixing this.

Please help me on this

Hi @Amith_Kowndinya

You can Submit a ticket : Help Center and our team shall get in touch with you.