Manually Adding Salary Data or Upload Form 16

Add your Salary Income by directly uploading your Form 16 on Quicko.

Here’s how you can do that

Here are the things to take care of while uploading Form 16

Can someone please tell me where to enter my fellowship/stipend in quicko (ITR3) which is exempted from income tax under Section 10 (16)?
There is no field for agricultural income also which is exempted income as well.

Neeraj Sharma

Hey @Neeraj, you must enter your stipend amount under exempt income > income from other sources. You can read more about it from here:

We do not support agriculture income on our product as of now. You can share your valuable feedback related to product features in this thread:

Ok, thank you for your help

I login into through Zerodha. I am not able to upload form 16 file option. DO I need to pay first for plan and then, Do I get option to upload form 16 doc? I want to file ITR for both Zerodha trading and my Salary with form 16. Pls. help. Thanks.


Hello @thukaram57

Filing from Quicko is free unless you want to opt for the Pro Plan. Kindly go through the Things to keep in mind while uploading Form 16. If you are still facing an issue, you can send us your Form 16 on