PAN is client of another ERI - Error while efiling

“PAN is client of another ERI” , I am getting this error message when I try to file returns. This message pops up when trying to generate OTP during the Efiling process. How to resolve this ? . Unable to proceed with Efiling.

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I am also getting this error in the last step to E-file my ITR.

Hi Quicko, I have sent you email yesterday will all details and screenshot of this issue, but there is no reply yet. Hope you understood the issue.

Please confirm if you will be able to solve this issue today, or not ?

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@Yash_Kaviya @TeamQuicko We hope this issue will get resolved before tax filing deadline which is tomorrow.

Hi @jaycyborg and @nirajQuicko , I see that you encountered an error with your PAN being a client of another ERI. Please go through this article which contains a video and details that will resolve the error regarding PAN being a client of another ERI and help you file your taxes.

If you face any other issue, please let me know. Would love to help. :blush:

I have calculated the tax and while trying to file, I get the message ’ PAN is client of another eri’. I am not getting a OTP to file my taxes. Kindly let me know if this will be fixed today.


Hi @Srikanth_Anandal, please refer to the quote, which should solve your problem.

If you find any other issues, please do share. Would love to assist.

Hello Team
Getting below error while filing e-returns.

PAN is client of another eri

Hi @Arvind_Iyengar, please refer to the following answer which should also resolve your issue.

If you face some other issue, please do let me know.