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How to set off previous FY capital gain loss while filing ITR in quicko portal for this FY?

Currently quicko portal calculates tax for current FY capital gains, I expect this to be set off with my previous FY loss. So, that I will have any tax dues during e-filing.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi @RK07

You can add the previous year brought forward losses under Additional details on Quicko Portal. Once you add there along with the date of filing it will auto-set off the losses against the respective income. You can take these losses from the previous year’s ITR form under the CFL schedule.

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Thank you @Divya_Singhvi. Now I can get the clear picture of my tax liability. However in the audit section it says “Audit Applicable”, so it means I need to reach out auditors and get things done. There is any provision within quicko? Please advise.

Hey @RK07, when tax audit is applicable you need to get your books of accounts audited by a practicing chartered accountant. Quicko is an online tax planning, preparation, and filing platform. In case you wish to get your books of accounts audited, we have a network of chartered accountants that can assist you.

Hello @Nireka ,

Can you tell me when the ITR for AY 2021-2022 will be available on Quicko? Or is it fine to pay directly online by selecting Challan No.300?

Please let me know!

Hi @Nireka, thanks for response. Seems this is more complicated then what I thought :frowning: How I can connect with the audit people via quicko? Also, one quick even if I set off F&O loss with savings/FD interest; Audit would be still applicable?

@Gaurav, as you are aware the ITD went through a major overhaul with IT portal 2.0 with that third parties involved in the ecosystem need to update their systems. We will be releasing exciting features in the 1st week of August :crossed_fingers: So stay tuned

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@RK07, If you can share your contact details on Quicko | Contact Us our team will get in touch with you to understand your income situation and suggest the applicable plan, process & discount for ITR filing :slight_smile:

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